Ty Herndon Nashvillemeetslondon – August 2016

Nashvillemeetslondon , August 18, 2016

Theres not much to say about Ty Herndon that has been said or written about already that cant be found in Country mags, blogs or his many on line forums. I met Ty after his quick train journey from Manchester to London at the stage in Canary Wharf. He guitarist remarked about how early it was. It was! Most bands don’t surface before noon yet here he was doing a 1230 sound check with the band before many of the fans at turned up to the 2pm start of this free event. The soundcheck gave a hint of the superbly polished performance many hours later. There was no disappointment as Ty took to the stage after a crowd pleasing rocky set from Logan Mize. Stories were told, scenes were set and a complete performance given on this inaugural taster.   I’m sure that C2C may well be a good stage for Ty given his support from the fans. TY HERNDON NML D1-68 NML D1-67 NML D1-64 NML D1-66 NML D1-65 NML D1-63 TY HERDON

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