Sarabeth @ the Borderline 29/8/2015

Sarabeth , August 31, 2015

Sarabeth returned to London on the 19th August at the Borderline Club. An intimate gig which was prefaced by the musical eloquence that is presented by Glen Mitchell. Glen manages to deliver some delicately written intricate lyrics with a performance wrapped with humour, fine guitar skills and a finally crafted set. Its clear that Glen has a strong local fan base that continues to follow him from his Lonestar days. Interspersed with comments about breakups, revenge and excess, his writing is sharply observed, witty with large qualities of pathos.


Sarabeth cheekily asked me whether her dress might be too short for the height of the stage. A relatively short set of new and chart topping tracks quickly passed. Sarabeth is always entertaining and punctuates her set with stories from the road, Glen and the back – stories to each song. Many of Sarabeth’s songs focus upon life experiences and her success is mirrored by the increasingly large following over the relatively short tours. The craft of the singer songwriter on show reassures that Nashville is the place to be.

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