Ward Thomas – Under the apple tree festival

UTAT festival , September 11, 2016

Sound Check – Working through a track
Bob Harris – Pleased to see the sisters get to no 1

So, here we are. Ward Thomas are an enigma! They are young, successful, carving out a name in the music business without the help of x factor or other tv shows, they are nice as pie and write and perform brilliant songs. They are only 22 and they perform with an experience of doing all the old skool hard work that used to be required before acts could be famous via popular TV shows and it shows in everything they do. Not only are they great performers but they are genuinely warm both on stage and off. No doubt with a number one album in their back pocket and a first for a UK country act, they will go to larger things. However, they will always appear to be just to nice girls from Hampshire that are having a whole lot of fun whilst making music and travelling. Bob Harris has pioneered this band and he can take some of the credit for the air play for sure. They have a great (family based) management team and the backing band seem just part of the family. It was interesting to see the attention they will start to get at there was a camera crew there from a national TV station. They really didn’t know them or the music, had  interviewed the sisters and were going to set their camera up by the stage to shoot some live footage. I had to point out that the sisters wouldn’t be appearing on the stage in the Foyer as they were in the main hall. They were joined on stage by a friendutat-2016-lbp-60 utat-2016-lbp-68 utat-2016-lbp-67 utat-2016-lbp-66 utat-2016-lbp-65 utat-2016-lbp-64 utat-2016-lbp-63
utat-2016-lbp-59 utat-2016-lbp-58 utat-2016-lbp-57 utat-2016-lbp-53 utat-2016-lbp-52 utat-2016-lbp-51 utat-2016-lbp-50 utat-2016-lbp-49 utat-2016-lbp-48 utat-2016-lbp-47 utat-2016-lbp-44 from LA that help write one of the tracks on the album. There will be reviews elsewhere but as this is only a blog I’d just say that I’ve seen WT 4 times now and each time they are better. I suspect that ticket prices of £40 will soon be seen on the next tour. Good for them, they deserve all the adulation and success.

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